ِAquamarine جهاز ليزر

بواسطة koucheh

Fona  Aquamarine Dental Laser

  • Cutting faster with minimum power
  • Wide range of treatments: surgery, periodontology , endodontics , haemostasis and single tooth whitening 
  • Enhanced patient comfort
  • Surgery : Due to low energy and 445 nm wavelength , carbonisation and thermal damage to surrounding tissue are minimised ,while cutting is faster
  • Periodontology : supplementary therapy for improved germ and bacteria reduction in the periodontal pocket in addition to conventional scaling and root planning
  • Haemostasis : highly effective in direct haemostasis 
  • Whitening : as an added benefit , Aquamarine can be used for single tooth whitening 


Technical Specification :

  • Wavelength     445+/-10nm
  • Power              0,2-1,4W cw (in 0,1 w steps)
  • pilot beam        638+/-10nm
  • Operation modes   CW, Chopped Mode 
  • Frequency         10-200 Hz (in 10Hz steps)
  • Duty cycle         10-100% (in 10% steps)
  • Battery              Lithium
  • Battery working time   1 hour with full power 
  • Recharge time              3 hours when battery is empty
  • User interface     Touchsceen
  • Laser Activation    Finger switch 
  • Fibre management     sterile single use fiber tips (unitip 320 um and endo tip 200 um ) Autoclavable glass rod (active tip 8mm)
  • Goggles       Multi -wavelength goggles (445 nm, 660 nm ,970 nm)
  • Software     preset for surgery . endo. rerm reduction, perio . germ reduction & haemostasis 
  • Software connections      12 free programmable own programs for each user 2 individual user profiles with own pin codes 


Scope of supply

  • Main operation unit 
  • handpiece with detachable sleeve including finger switch
  • power supply icl 4 different plug adapters 
  • 2x bending tool fiber bend 
  • 5x optic protection cup for handpiece 
  • 1x fibre cutter 
  • 3 multi-wavelenghth goggles (445 nm, 660 nm, 970 nm ) 2x user and assistant, 1x patient 

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