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  • Safe and fast :Designed to meet the highest clinical and safety standards Hygenius generates steam and heat faster. Coupled with active cooling it provides cycle, which is safe but shorter. On top the three point safe closing system includes: door lock, pressure switch, door position safety micro switch. Standby mode for immediate cycle start. Rapid steam injection system for maximum cycle efficiency and faster cycle time.


  • Latest technology : Hygenius uses the innovative calc resistant fast steam generator, and durable chamber heater for reliable performance. Direct full surface chamber heating with selectable standby mode cuts on the process time. Also the full microprocessor control over the sterilization cycle provides maximum repeatability and reliable sterilization process

  • User friendly:Intuitive menu in 21 languages is easy to use and understand. Short cycle start time – start the last used cycle with only 2 clicks, which Hygenius remembers for you. Cycle report management is simple as well via embedded USB or optional external printer. Electronic door sealing and locking ensures effortless use


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