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Stellaris 3D

  • Ready for Every Diagnosis :Stellaris 3D covers a variety of diagnostics in 2D, 3D and Ceph with multiple fields of view, programs for panoramic examinations and cephalometric scans. Resolution selections available are ECO, Standard and HD to fit your specific needs.

  • Compact and Modern:The minimalist, elegant, space-saving design allows installation of Stellaris 3D in areas where conventional devices would not fit.

  • Power of Touch:Control of the system is available from your PC screen as well as on the unit’s touchscreen, allowing straightforward program selection with hints for correct positioning

  • 7 different FOV’s for Your Daily Needs:Stellaris 3D covers a complete range of CBCT programs for various applications – from endodontics through surgery and implantology to bone augmentations. The quality of tissue resolution allows to also use it for periodontal disease and orthodontic applications, e.g. supernumerary teeth. Small volumes start at 5x6cm for endodontics and go up to 10x10cm for surgical and orthodontic applications.

  • HighDefinition and ECO Programs :Adult and, more importantly, child programs are crucial for ECO low dose examinations, allowing high diagnostic image quality for both overview and demanding diagnostic tasks

  • Ambient Glow:Ambient lighting creates a comfortable atmosphere for the patient and allows to monitor the unit status from a distance.

  • Advanced Technology:Latest sensor design, technology and unit robotics have been used to achieve high precision level of detail and smooth, quiet operation. The machine allows for repeated exposures without having to wait

  • Panoramic BiteWing:Time efficient preventive scan or perfect alternative for patients that do not tolerate intraoral BiteWings

  • Cephalometric Programs:Stellaris 3D delivers One-Shot cephalometric images with focus on clarity of tracing points of hard- and soft-tissue anatomical structures. Dense areas where tracing points are hard to distinguish are clearly visible. The image is calibrated and ready for cephalometric tracing

  • Upgradeable:The unit is upgradeable with a one-shot technology cephalometric arm when you need it



Sensor Technology CMOS Flat Panel, PFPT (Phosphor Flat Panel Technology)
Pixel size 100 µm
Voxel Size 80 µm
Focal Spot 0.5 (IEC 336 / 1997)
Tube Voltage 60 - 86 kV
Tube Current 2.5 - 10 mA
Exposure time 2D 4.6 - 14.2 seconds
Exposure time 3D 5 - 16.9 seconds
Exposure Time Ceph One-Shot 0.2 - 4 seconds
3D Active Sensor Area 150x150 mm
Ceph Image Size 240x300 mm
Volume size 3D 5x6, 7x6, 6x10, 8x6, 8x10, 10x6, 10x10
Weight 109kg without ceph, 137kg with ceph
Panoramic Programs in total 9: adult pano, child pano, dentition, BW, TMJ, sinuses, half dentition left, half dentition right, anterior teeth.
3D Programs in total 23: adult full, child full, adult and child upper and lower jaw, adult and child sinuses, surgical and implant volume front, left and right, hemi-arc left and right, upper and lower, ENDO volume in 6 different positions, TMJ right and left.
Ceph Programs LL 30x24, LL18x24, AP, PA, Carpus
Patient Sizes Child, teenager, woman, man
Software Stellaris PRO
Features 3 in 1 or 2 in 1 upgradeable to 3 in 1
Footprint 140x110 cm without CEPH, 240 x 110cm with CEPH
Patient position Standing or sitting
Wheelchair acessible Yes




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